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 Rhakys news!
  • Time flies... : Wow it has been over 2 years already since the last news. When I start working on Rhakys again, my first step will be to release a build that displays the expiration message but doesn't close the application. No ETA.
    posted : 11 September 2008

  • Current progress : The project didn't progress much these last few months. It is not cancelled, developement should start again in the coming weeks, and a new release could come in a couple of months.
    posted : 06 April 2006

  • Rhakys 51002 out : It's nothing more than a fixed 51001.
    posted : 10 October 2005

  • version 51001 bugged : I removed the last release from the Download section. I'll upload a new release as soon as the bug is fixed.
    posted : 10 October 2005

  • Rhakys 51001 out : Now the AI is meant to learn from its mistakes, even if it learns slowly. Feel free to post your comments or bug reports in the forum.
    posted : 06 October 2005

  • Rhakys 50802 out : See Download section, as usual. Next version should come within a month and with a not too bad AI.
    posted : 19 August 2005

  • Progress update : I updated the Progress section and added details for the state controllers and triggers implementation.
    See the CNS part in the bottom of the Progress page.
    Added a few screenshots too.
    posted : 17 August 2005

  • Rhakys 50701 : Rhakys50701 available in Download section.
    posted : 12 July 2005

  • Rhakys 50602 : New version of Rhakys available, see Download section.
    posted : 14 June 2005

  • Forum : I added a forum, you can reach it with the Forum button on the left pannel.
    It still needs some tweakings, but anyone is welcome to register and post there.
    posted : 04 June 2005

  • Rhakys 50505 : New version of Rhakys available. See Download section.
    posted : 29 May 2005

  • Rhakys 50504 : I made the Download section available. There you can get the latest beta release of Rhakys. The link for a version won't stay once this version has expired.
    Also updated Progress section.
    posted : 27 May 2005

  • Site update : "Progress", "Screenshots" and "Faq" sections updated.
    posted : 10 May 2005

  • little beta available : Characters can now crouch, jump, run, perform basic moves and a couple of specials (only showing animations, since HitDef is still not implemented). They also play sounds with their basic moves.
    I released a little beta. For now you can only get it through IRC, in #mugen at sorcery.net - link - or in #mugen or #rhakys at langochat.net - link -
    These releases expire after a week, but I'll try to renew them weekly. You're welcome to try them and compare characters behaviours between MUGEN and Rhakys.
    posted : 10 May 2005

  • CMD done : I think I'm done with the commands. Any command should load and work correctly now. Next steps will be loading some constants from the CNS files, implement more stuff until chars can jump, then hitdef, and maybe backgrounds.
    posted : 04 April 2005

  • IRC channel : I opened an IRC channel for Rhakys related discussion. #Rhakys on server irc.langochat.net
    posted : 25 March 2005

  • Developement starting again : Better late than never, Rhakys' developement is starting again. I'll post some news as there will be some important new working features.
    posted : 31 January 2005

  • Rhakys' developement : The developement of Rhakys is planned to start again in the middle of July. Since I made it a project for the university, I should have a lot of time to work on it during one year. So this is quite a good news.
    posted : 27 June 2004

  • FAQ online : The FAQ is now online.
    You can send your questions to rhakys@fr.st and they will be answered in the FAQ.
    posted : 18 April 2004

  • Welcome : Welcome on Rhakys' new website.
    I'll try to post some news at least 1 time per month.
    posted : 22 March 2004

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