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 Rhakys' frequently asked questions!

- Now, for the first question of the FAQ... do you mind telling what Rhakys means?
It comes from Rakis, which is the second name of Arrakis, which is the name of Dune, a planet in a Frank Herbert's novel. Then I tried to get a unique name, and I think Rhakys is one.

- What is Rhakys?
See the "About" section.

- Will Rhakys be free?
Yes. Anyone will be able to download the engine and makes his own fighting game for free. Making any profit with the free version of the engine will be totally prohibited.

- Will Rhakys be open source?
No. Unless the project is cancelled one day, the source code won't be available.

- Will you add more stuff? Which stuff will you add?
First I'll try to make an engine the more compatible with Mugen that I can. Then, I'd like to add new features such as interactive stages, zoom, good AI, netplay, creation editors...

- Can I join you on Rhakys? I can code!
Not for the moment. Thanks. Maybe one day.

- Can I send you money?
I'm really far from being rich, but I don't want to ask for donations, as it is not needed for the development of Rhakys.

- Can you make me a betatester?
There is still not much to beta test, but if you're an experienced MUGEN character programmer and want to share your knowledge, you're welcome. See the "Contact" section.

- What about a beta? When do you plan to have one?
See the "Download" section.

- Mugen has some drafts of an 3d environment, like the attack.width on hitdef, which makes us think that elecbyte was planing it for the future. Do you intend to use those?
It is far from being in priority list. However, I had to add Z coordinates to players when I made OpenGL rendering with Rhakys and tried to make the characters walk on X and Z axis. But I only did this when learning OpenGL, it had nothing to do with the main project. So I'd say "no" for the moment.

- Will Rhakys have interactive stages (objets break away) and some stages change each round can it do that?
Yes, I'd like Rhakys to permit interactive stages. Again, it won't come before the main engine works well.

- Will it have a score counter and high score standings?
- Will this engine have the survivor mode present on Linux Mugen?

Whynot. It would probably not be very hard to implement. But it won't come until the engine is working well.

- I have some susgestions to add to the new engine. It should have a guard and dizzy bar and if both chars bacame dizzy you have to push buttion rapidly on a certan number of time. The fist one recovers can attack first!
- When you choose the team mode you change the order of the chars each round.
- Have diffrent groves styems before you can choose a char.

This kind of things isn't in priority list at all ! Moreover, some of these can already be done in character coding.

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